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Ecstatic Glymphatic

"Ecstatic Glymphatic" - Short film 2014

Ecstatic Glymphatic is a surreal, tongue-in-cheek look at what goes on inside the mind of a sleep-deprived new mother. The story was inspired by a BBC science article that discussed the purpose of the glymphatic system: to clean the brain of toxins during sleep. 

Filmed in 2014, it had a world premiere in June 2015 at the Long Day Short Film Festival in California. In 2015 it screened at the Movies by Movers festival in North Carolina.

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Glia: Louise McCarroll


Alys-Rose Green  

Carol Torrance

Christine Rowe

Claire Pritchard

Gill White

Hannah Mason

Heather Davies

Kerry Milligan

Laura Fisher

Maide Pereira Tomas

Maya Buchanan

Nadia Matiu

Nicola Buchan

Olivia Ho

Rachel Bodger

Sarah Farrell

Sarah Lawrie



Sahra Bhimji - Writer/Director/Editor

Lindsay McGee - Producer

Graeme O'Hara - DoP

Andrew McDonald- Production Asst

Chris McCulloch- Lighting

Keith Duncan and Julian McAllister - Sound & Music

Claire Doyle - Choreography

Samantha Jack- Hair Styling

Miriam Wilson- Make-up

Ella Bavalia- Production Design

Ailsa Williams- Standby Art Director

Rebecca Gough-Cooper - Art Dept. Asst

Ines Alvarez Villa - Production Assistant

Ewan Rollo and Lucas Kao - Stills Photography